Hi! Im Karen Mattiazzo

Love that you're visiting my shop, thanks for taking the time to explore my illustrations.

I'm a Graphic and Surface Pattern Designer, I Illustrate collections to print on all sorts of products. I've worked as a Graphic and Digital Designer for more than 12 years in Brazil. Moved to Manchester, England around 5 years ago. 

The origin of my designs

My inspirations to illustrate are based on a lot of nature, crystals, skulls, plants and a bit of runes symbols.

These illustrations started when I had an idea to draw abandoned scenes with objects left behind and creatures that interacted with their surroundings but ended up dead somehow. Crystals fell and now activated their glow and brought those creature's skulls to life.

The collections have similar outlined style, I just explored brushes on Procreate and coloured everything to block it into collections

My collections

can be licensed or bought out for brands to use on any surface on their own products. As of now Im illustrating and turning more and more motifs into repeats. So far I have nine on my portfolio.

I also wanted to print my favourite designs into paper and fabric, and that's how this shop was born, to offer a touch of magic to your everyday, to hang a print filled with teal coloured tropical leaves on your walls or a clear sticker to your mirrors and windows. Really, to step into my world a bit..

For now you can see I started with Monstera Skulls and Crystals & Leaves, who knows what the next one will be.. 

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This is me!

Hope you keep an eye on my socials, but the very best way to know of new stuff Im making/ illustrating/ printing is by subscribing.

Im a Brazilian millennial fan of rock, folk and country, curious about crystals and astrology, yoga learner, avid hiker, tree hugger, extroverted, fiction horror book reader, vegetarian, animal lover, Hufflepuff, Calvin and Hobbes devotee, pirate lore aficionado, halloween obsessed and admirer of all things folklore, mythology, wicca and mystical.  

Cheers for reading all that!
Feel free to reach out, I'd love to hear from you
xx- Ka

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