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Full Mistica Ltd

Tropical Magic Bandana

Tropical Magic Bandana

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I wanted to illustrate Earth at center stage the way that I envision it to be thriving: huge crystals powering it's Oceans and trees nurturing the Lands. On each corner you see mushrooms conserved inside potion pots and a full skeleton torso displayed in a tall glass jar, similar to a museum exhibition of something long gone, all hidden deep in a tropical forest.

Notice the delicate outlines of botanical treasures - whispering leaves, mystical bones with runes, auras and glimmering crystals - all dancing around a celestial depiction of our gorgeous Earth.

Style it around your hair for a touch of bohemian vibe,
tie it around your neck or even loop it as a belt. This versatile piece of printed fabric is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things, and a powerful piece of wearable art. Embrace the magic of nature.

In cream, black outlines and turquoise typography. Size varies around 50cm x 50cm. Cotton Satin fabric. Hand drawn.

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